Plastic Waste Energy Device

A self-starting system for recycling waste plastic, mixed and unsorted, into electrical and thermal energy using a patented depolymerization process. The price of the system is €10,500,000 excluding VAT, including production, delivery, installations and trial work. All this within 180 to 300 days of signing the contract!

The price as well as the delivery time are approximate because it depends on which of the equipment the customer has and whether the production of electricity or only the production of diesel and gas fractions is going on.

Payment in several installments defined in DFS
After signing the purchase agreement, 10% of the price defined in the purchase agreement is paid for the creation of a detailed feasibility study (DFS) for a specific location and agreed equipment. The DFS defines what the customer needs to prepare at the installation location and within what time frame, and what is the manufacturer’s obligation and within what time frame. The customer deposits money into an escrow account, from which the project is carried out stage by stage, and upon the customer’s signature that the stage has been completed, the money is withdrawn and paid to Addryn LLC.

Warranty 10 years! Working life 20 years!

The requirements for setting up a PWED system are not great. PWED is a self-starting system, for the installation of which, together with the manipulative space for incoming raw materials, a typical prefabricated industrial hall 15 m long, 15 m wide and 10 m high is sufficient.

Chargers for electric vehicles, electrolyzers for hydrogen production, 20-fit containers with cylinders in which 700 kg hydrogen is stored or LOHC 12 m3 depot for 700 kg hydrogen, charging stations for hydrogen vehicles, and heat exchanger with heating/drying/cooling/freezing systems are not included in the price and must be ordered separately if necessary.

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