Agriculture and forestry

Agriculture and forestry are of central importance for the energy transition. This applies to the production and use of energy on farms just as it does to agricultural machinery. At the hydrogen summit in Straubing, technological potentials and practical uses of hydrogen in agriculture and forestry were discussed under the question “Opportunities and possibilities for agriculture and forestry”. On 2023 February 27th, the Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy hosted a hydrogen summit. Fendt presented the prototype of a hydrogen tractor there for the first time.

Hydrogen as a very important solution to problems in agriculture and forestry. Agriculture and forestry can supply a lot of energy, which can also be used to generate hydrogen. Wind power and PWED generate electricity on agricultural and forestry land and use it to produce hydrogen. The crowning glory, of course, is when farmers themselves use hydrogen for their tractors or agricultural machinery.