CC tax

According to the EU directives on waste plastics, the PWDE system produces 25.92 CC per day (carbon credit, a popular name for carbon pollution tax) due to the permanent elimination of plastics.  For one tonne of permanently eliminated plastic, the EU recognizes 2 CC. The PWED system permanently processes 12,960 kg of unclassified plastic waste in one day.

CC recognized by the EU can be sold on the market or used to neutralize CC obligations, which the owner of the PWED device has, based on his other business.

EU Carbon Permits on February 25, 2023.

On February 25, 2023, the owner of a PWED device could earn a profit of 25.92 CC * €102.14 = €2,647.4688 based on the pollution tax (CC), which is recognized by the EU due to the permanent recycling of waste plastic.

Current state of the EU pollution tax market.