Several scenarios of possible earnings are being prepared …

TCO PWED per day!

Typically, the total cost of ownership (TCO) machines like PWED is spread over 10 years, with some percentage of the cost of capital and maintenance costs deducted , say 10%.

The TCO of the PWED device according to this model is €8,533,600 * 1.1% = €9,386,960.

There are 365 days in 10 years * 10 years = 3650 days.

A day of operation of the PWED device costs €9,386,960 : 3,650 days = €2,571.7698.

In one working day, the PWED device recycles 540 kg/h * 24 h = 12,960 kg of waste plastic. The average price of waste plastic for 1,000 kg is €100, which means that PWED recycles €1,296 worth of plastic per day.

The labor cost for one PWED dam is €1.296 + €2.571.7698 = €3.867.7698 according to what has been stated so far. From this cost can be deducted the daily earnings from CC tax on pollution (according to CC tax prices, on the EU market, on February 25, 2023) that PWED earns by recycling plastic, 25.92 CC * €102.14 = €2,647.4688. This means that the cost of PWED work in one day is €3,867.7698 – €2,647,4688 = €1,220,301.

PWED and electricity for households

If we know that PWED produces 1,750 kW/h * 24 h = 42,000 kWh of electricity per day, then the price of 1 kWh of electricity from PWED is equal to € 1,220,301 : kWh 42,0000 = €/kWh 0.029.

The current average price of 1 kWh of electricity in the EU is €0.148, which means that the PWED owner earns 510% on the price of 1 kWh of electricity from PWED.

Profits can be much higher if the electricity from PWED is used to charge electric cars or to electrolyze water and produce green hydrogen.

PWED and green hydrogen

For example, for the production of one kg of hydrogen, it is necessary to process 9 liters of water by electrolysis, and in doing so, 60 kWh/kg * 0.029€/kWh = 1.74 €/kg will be consumed. The current price for one kg of hydrogen in the EU is from €9 to €14.

The expected price for one kg of green hydrogen, when it becomes the dominant fuel, is estimated at 3 to 3.5 €. With the standard margin on fuel, which in total (state taxes + overbuyers + dealers) is about 40%, the wholesale production price of hydrogen should be €2.14 to €2.5 per kilogram of hydrogen. Green hydrogen from PWED has a price that leaves more than enough profit for the owner of a PWED plant equipped to produce green hydrogen.

The Hyundai Nexo car, which runs on hydrogen fuel cells, holds 6.5 kg of hydrogen and that is enough for 650 km. That amount of hydrogen from the PWED system would cost €11.31.

Hydrogen fuel-cell technology seems to have been on the cusp of breaking through into the world of passenger cars for a while. But aside from a few forays, manufacturers haven’t exactly leapt at the chance to put the tech into series production, as they have with full EVs.

However, BMW has bucked this trend and will build a run of iX5 Hydrogen models, which will be going into service this spring, partly as a rolling laboratory to see if hydrogen could be viable in the future.