How does the PWED Community make money?

Each member of the PWED Community who buys a share in one of the PWED projects participates, proportional to the number of shares purchased, in the earnings that the PWED project accomplishes. Of course, after paying all the prescribed tax. It is tense, only in the price of kWh electricity from the PWED device, compared to the price of electricity from the public network, in the EU, about 500% earnings. In any case, each owner of the PWED project will have a complete and detailed insight into earnings. The guarantee of payment of earnings is the Silent Partnership Agreement, SPA, which is signed with each stake owner. All obligations and rights between the owners of the PWED project and the owner of the share in the PWED project are exactly defined in the SPA.

How to buy shares in PWED projects?

It is known that one picture replaces 1000 words. That’s why we created the picture “JOINT FUNDING STEPS FOR PWED PROJECTS” which shows the whole process of buying PWED shares step by step.


The whole business of co-financing PWED, creating and setting up PWED and participating in the earnings generated by PWED takes place through 14 steps.


  1. Information about PWED projects.
  2. Application forms for purchase package PWED shares.
  3. KYC & AML checks.
  4. Final checks interested parties.
  5. Purchased share packages in the PWED project.
  6. a) Invoice for PWED shares, part for the purchase package shares.
    b) Invoice for PWED shares, part for the preparation project.
  7. Funds from 6a held in Erste Bank Escrow.
  8. Funds from 6b go directly to Addryn’s business account in Erste Bank.
  9. Funds from Erste Escrow released upon instruction to Addryn.
  10. Addryn delivers SPA and their PWED shares to customers.
  11. Addryn performs and starts the agreed PWED-H-CRO-A project.
  12. Addryn performs and starts the agreed PWED-C-CRO-A project.
  13. Other PWED projects.
  14. Payment of realized earnings, from selected PWED projects to shareholders in them.

You can download the image “JOINT FUNDING STEPS FOR PWED PROJECTS” in SRA3 dimensions in PDF format here and in the download section.