GEOM – E – Optimization

About GEOM-E-Optimization project

Saving energy is not only reducing costs but also responsible behavior towards the environment. PWED patented technology offers the most innovative solutions, does not require installation and is easy to use.

Cut your electric bill in half!

GEOM is a green revolutionary product founded upon a superior technological solution. It saves 50% of electrical energy for all ohmic consumers.

  • Compatible with all types of power connection.
  • GEOM is a plug-in device and is highly reliable.
  • It works with single phase connection of up to 3.5 kW, as well as with three-phase connection of 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 48 kW or more kW of electricity.
  • The three-phase GEOM of high power is installed directly in the consumer and is not limited by power.

Your Device Will Love It

GEOM is compatible with most devices in your household. In addition, it also protects the user in the event of a lightning strike and extends the lifetime of your devices.

This is a joint Australian-Croatian-North Macedonian project for the production of devices that optimize electricity consumption.

The device is manufactured in North Macedonia and is compatible with electrical devices around the world and all electrical connections.

As shown on the packaging, the device reduces electricity consumption by 50%.

Incentive crowd funding GEOM-E-Optimization project

For this project we prepare 60,000 share packages with a price of €120 per share package. Each buyer of a share package gets one GEOM device of their choice.

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