Public EV Charging Solutions

PWED with its daily production of 42,000 kWh of electricity at an approximate price of €0.0188/kWh is, among various other uses, an excellent source for charging electric vehicles in public places.

Addryn offers ecologically neutral and completely independent of the public grid network a complete portfolio of DC charging solutions that perfectly fit any possible location. Anywhere from hospitality or retail parking lots to city streets or highway charging stations, we have the ideal charging solution for your needs.

Ranging from 60 to 400 kW, our solutions embody the next generation of public chargers, created to satisfy the needs of both EV drivers and charge point operators.

As a public charging station for electric vehicles, PWED has a number of advantages:

  • It is self-starting (no external source of electricity from the public network is connected).
  • Independent source of electricity (From self-starting to electricity production, PWED is completely independent from the public electricity grid.)
  • It has compact dimensions (For the purpose of a public charging station for electric vehicles, the PWED can be installed in a compact design in such a way that only spare batteries, plastic depolymerizers and a turbine/generator are placed at the public charging station in a space of approximately 8 to 10 20 fit containers placed in a row of two 20-foot containers one above the other.)
  • Waste plastic shredders are installed in a separate place and only closed containers of shredded waste plastic are transported to the installed PWED.

Supernova – Public EV Charging Solutions
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