Get involved in crowdfunding the installation of two PWED devices in the PWED-C-CRO-A project.

In the PWED-C-CRO-A project, crowdfunding is implemented for two PWED systems and 16 chargers for electric vehicles. Surplus electricity produced will be sold to households or hydrogen will be produced.

Thermal energy from the PWED system will be used to produce the most appropriate type of food in greenhouses.

The value of the crowdfunding project PWED-C-CRO-A is €30,000,000. It is planned to issue 20,000,000 shares in the PWED-C-CRO-A project. The price of one share is €1.50. Shares are sold in packages of 80 pieces.

One package of 80 shares costs €120. The number of PWED-C-CRO-A project shares packages that can be purchased is not limited.

If you are wondering how to secure yourself as an interested investor in this crowdfunding project, we provide several answers below.
We live in difficult and unstable times and almost everyone of us receives a lot of suggestions for quick and safe earnings.

We linked our business idea and proposal to the PWED-C-CRO-A project with PWED and what it produces at an acceptable price, electricity from waste and unsorted plastic.

The proximity to the capital of Croatia, which separately collects about 200 tons of waste plastic per day and literally presses that waste plastic into bales and puts it in a warehouse to be recycled one day, although plastic recycling is mostly just a nice and unprofitable story, is one of our advantages, because A sufficient amount of waste plastic is one of the prerequisites for setting up PWED.

For the PWED-C-CRO-A project, it is important that the EU insists on the introduction of vehicles with a complete reduction of harmful emissions or emissions with extremely low harmful emissions, so either electric vehicles or hybrid electric-classic vehicles or hydrogen vehicles. The PWED-C-CRO-A project has the answer to all these requirements and a little more.

When we started developing the business idea for this project, we knew that we would have a big plus because we use input material that is abundant for the production of electricity.

A view of the baled plastic waste dump, which citizens collect separately in their waste, which I have been passing by for 5 years and where the amount of baled plastic waste grows day by day. That warehouse is at the entrance to the city where I live. There are such warehouses with baled waste plastic in many, many locations. Imagine such a warehouse of baled waste plastic for a district that has 100 times the population of the district in which I live. And this warehouse is one of several similar in my district.

To raise capital for the PWED-C-CRO-A project through crowdfunding, we designed a unique NFT for all 20,000,000 shares and with each unique NFT a SPA (Silent Partnership Agreement), which defines the obligations and rights of investors and the obligations and rights project owner.

You are probably wondering what the name of the project PWED-C-CRO-A means. PWED-C means PWED-Chargers, CRO-A means that it is the first of many such projects in Croatia, at least we hope that the possibilities of that project will encourage others to clone that project.

One of the NFTs prepared for the project PWED-C-CRO-A

We predict a minimum average annual yield per share in the PWED-C-CRO-A project of 35.6%.

The income from the project will be paid monthly, upon publication of the monthly earnings of the project, and after deduction of prescribed taxes. The monthly yield may deviate from the predicted average income.

The start of the PWED-C-CRO-A project is expected within 450 days from the sale of all shares in the project.

Individual shares in the project PWED-C-CRO-A can be sold with the obligation to offer the first purchase of shares in the project to the owner of the project. We charge 3% of the price at which the share in the project is sold on the price of the share in the project, in the name of costs related to the change of owner of the share.

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