Supernova – Public EV Charging Solutions

Ideal for public charging in urban or interurban locations as well as semi-public parking lots (including supermarkets, shopping malls or fast-food restaurants). With its 60 kW, it adds up to 100 kilometers of range, enough to cover the average urban daily needs, in under 15 minutes, while drivers enjoy a refreshment, run a quick errand or shop for groceries.

Supernova is the next generation fast-charger that offers reliable and efficient operation at up to half the investment than similar chargers. Its light and modular design offers unprecedented flexibility, easier transportation, effortless installation and simpler access for maintenance. Furthermore, Addryn offers a full range of solutions throughout the whole lifecycle, which can be tailored to each customer’s needs.

Developed to maximize uptime

  • Six independent power modules based on our patented Quasar technology
  • Real-time data and auto-diagnostics to simplify service and maintenance
  • Insourced R&D, industrialization, and production just 5 minutes away from our European headquarters

Easy operation and reduced total cost of ownership

  • Up to half the initial investment than in similar chargers.
  • Light and modular design simplifies transport and installation.
  • Devised for efficient and low-cost maintenance (both remote and on site).

Adapts to current and future needs

  • Compatible with current and upcoming EVs.
  • Available with CCS+CHAdeMO or double CCS, Supernova can charge two EVs simultaneously with Split Charge.
  • Over-the-air- software updates to ensure the latest functionalities.

Provide a seamless experience to customers

  • Interactive light system and 10’’ sunlight-readable colour screen with IK10 rating for increased robustness.
  • Concise user information and minimum interactions required to initiate charging.
  • Multiple payment and authentication options.

Appearance from the outside

Reliable operation and maintenance

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