Turbine/Generator produces 2 MW/h of electricity and 2 MW/h of heat energy per hour. Of this electricity, 250 kW/h per hour is used to run two shredders, two EREMA sections for melting the shredded input plastic, two sections for carbonizing impurities, two sections for depolymerizing melted plastic and two sections for condensing hydrocarbon vapors from the depolymerizer.

The turbine/generator is made in a compact, simple and robust way and packed in two 20-fit containers. Its specialty is that it works on two fuels (diesel and gas) at the same time, and it is adapted to the specific characteristics of these fuels produced from renewable or waste sources.

The image of the turbine/generator, nor their performances, does not necessarily correspond to the turbine/generator supplied with the PWED device. This is because we continuously work on finding the best solutions for the end customer.

1. Reducer
Allows the use of compact 4-pole generators for 50 or 60 Hz applications.

2. Compressor
The compressor ratio allows the direct use of low fuel and gas pressures by reducing the need for external gas compression.

3. Bearings
Bearings in the cold part allow minimal oil consumption and guaranteed oil-free exhaust.

4. Burners
Can be installed and replaced depending on fuel requirements. All types of combustion chambers are interchangeable.

5. Radial turbine
Provides high fuel flexibility due to lack of cooling holes and robust forged design.

6. Exhaust
Oil-free and high temperature resulting in pure oxygen-rich exhaust with high mass flow and effective anti-pollution filters.