What is PWED Community?

PWED Community is all people, both women and men, who are aware that the only place we can live on now, our planet Earth, and land, and oceans, and rivers, and air, is covered with plastic waste. The amount of plastic waste, no matter how hard we try to recycle it, is growing enormously. You might be wondering, well, “Why do we use so much plastic?”. The answer is simple: “Plastic is a material that can be easily and one-hourly shaped into all the objects that are so common for use in modern society, in addition, new plastic is cheaper than recycled and new plastic does not create plastic microparticles that are created by recycling plastic waste.” . The solution for waste plastic was found by a Hungarian professor who patented PWED, a device that depolymerizes all (there are many types of plastic) waste plastic into hydrocarbon vapors and condenses them into diesel and gas fractions, and carbonizes impurities that cannot be depolymerized into coke. Diesel and gas is used to obtain electricity in a special turbine/generator. It has already been written about in detail on this website. At the moment when we concluded that we cannot come up with the money to buy the PWED device, that there is not an excessive number of interested buyers for the PWED device, considering the terrible amount of plastic waste that accumulates day by day, we decided to start the PWED Community and offer buying a share of the earnings that the installed PWED device generates. It is a form of crowdfunding. Shares are divided into packages of 80 pieces, one share has a price of €1.50. This means that the share package costs 80 pieces share * €1.5 = €120. PWED Community members can purchase one or more packages. Each share has a unique identifier. When the funds for the installation of one PWED device are purchased, through the sale of shares, the PWED Community will be able to vote on whether the PWED project will be implemented. All earnings from the PWED project are divided among the shares that participated in the fundraising. Of course, prescribed tax benefits are deducted from earnings. Just by selling electricity to households, at the official price at which electricity is sold to households, you can earn 500% on electricity from PWED. The difference in the price of electricity from PWED and the price of electricity for charging electric vehicles is even greater. As things stand now, a large profit can be made from the sale of electricity to economic entities through stationary 20 and 40 fit batteries. And the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water from the PWED stream promises significant profits. We invite you, PWED Community, to come up with new forms of profitable sale of electricity from PWED together. And keep in mind, electricity from PWED is made from waste plastic and by all characteristics it is green electricity!!!

Finally, the legendary call of the Borg, from Star Trek, slightly adapted to our mission …

“We are the PWED Community. Put down your shields and hand in your waste plastic. We will add your waste plastic to ours and produce green electricity and green heat energy. Your culture will adapt to follow us in the currently only economically, ecologically and health-acceptable way of fighting waste plastic. Resistance is futile.”

PWED Community leadership team

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